Time Heals Nothing (split EP with Every Forty Seconds)

by The Call Up

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Split EP CD with Every Forty Seconds. Lost Glory Records (Portland, ME)


released January 1, 2004

Engineered by Mike Vera at New Alliance Audio, Boston, MA



all rights reserved


The Call Up Boston, Massachusetts

The Call Up were originally: Chris Amaral (vocals/guitar), Mike Shepherd (guitar/backing vox), Brian Jones (bass) and Mark Sarno (drums).

Other members have included Dan Wallace (bass), John Lattuca (bass), Matt Spent (guitar), Markie Metal (bass), Jesse Sherman (drums).

Labels: Lost Glory Records, Lonesome Recordings, Deep Elm Records.
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Track Name: Identity
Everything I know, anesthetized deceit. Forever.
I don't want to hurt you and corrupt the memory. Forever.
The world has turned to walk away
Lies, all lies, so why have you been telling me?
I forget how to feel, I forget how to be. Everything
some masquerade, create identity. Incoherent voices
drown out the silence that leaves one alone with the
thoughts that they despise. Anything you want to know
I'll figure out a lie to tell you. Every dream I've
ever had, stolen from some book.
Track Name: A Coward's Game
Take the medicine, sidestep the past, avert your eyes
drown out the images seared into our minds. Half
truths best left unspoken keep up appearances. Its so
cold and strange to me, some affection may
exist behind steel bars of the soul that are the
connection. I am afraid of everyone, I am afraid of
everything. This is a coward's game to play, this is a
coward's game of shame. I hear the footsteps of destiny
chasing me, its gaining fast. Can't take it anymore,
will not fight another war. This apathy will eat your
soul alive and spit it right out at your feet as you
look on, uncomprehending as it slips away, I hear the
footsteps of destiny chasing me to take me down.
Track Name: By the Grace
In a faded dream, a small child peers over well
dressed adults at a painting of some angels.
Effortlessly gliding through a deep blue sky that
makes the world seems safe, makes it seem empty of
fear. All your world is torn away, scraps litter the
ground. The air picks up the pieces and scatters them
into the wind. Lay awake at night, a feverish mind
obsessed with old mistakes and the locked gates of
heaven. I was so damn young, what did I do wrong? You
made me afraid of hell before I even knew what sin
Mother, am I going to hell? What are these sins that
made him die for me? I can't stop these terrible
dreams of agony and fire. Everything is burning red.
All I can hear is screaming.
Track Name: Waverley Ave.
I found her on the floor unconscious with the bottle
lying next to her crumpled body. A tired and dull
scene, I stepped over her to get a glass of water then
go to bed. It's every night, every night always the
same. I am not alive. How can this be? What kind of
fuck is simply numb to this? I had my hand in the
creation of this tragic mess. My mother then awoke,
her glassy eyes slowly began to focus on her bastard
son. She sighed and closed her eyes, spending the
night in undignified repose for yet another time.
Track Name: Tear Me Down
Scratch tickets on the ground, the stench of gasoline.
Sunlight makes everything here look so old and dead.
So many dead dreams chasing me around. Break down the
doors, smash everything in sight. Flashes of flame
illuminate the night. Push it. Destroyed ambitions and a
shattered memory. There is nothing worse in this world
than the look inside a scared old man's brown eyes.
The look inside a scared old man's brown eyes. All the
voices sink to silence, they walk away into the night
lonely shadows disappearing.